P.L.2018, c.6.   -see   A2014
Automatically registers to vote and updates voter registration for eligible person when applying for motor vehicle driver’s license, or non-driver identification card.*
Pamphlet Law 3 pages   Approved 4/17/2018


P.L.2018, c.20.   -see   S868
Permits candidates for school board to circulate petitions jointly and be bracketed together on ballot; permits short nonpolitical designation of principles on petitions and ballots.
Pamphlet Law 4 pages   Approved 5/30/2018


P.L.2018, c.66.   -see   S1974
Requires petitions of nomination of candidates for State, county, school, or municipal elective public office to include functioning e-mail addresses therefor.
Pamphlet Law 4 pages   Approved 7/20/2018


P.L.2018, c.72.   -see   S647
Permits registered voters to receive mail-in ballots automatically for all elections under certain conditions.
Pamphlet Law 12 pages   Approved 8/10/2018


P.L.2018, c.110.   -see   A3463
Requires district boards of election to report every two hours number of voters who have voted at each precinct; authorizes challengers to request reported count.
Pamphlet Law 1 pages   Approved 8/24/2018


P.L.2018, c.133.   -see   A4674
Clarifies intent of existing statutory law in regard to nomination process for those seeking federal offices.
Pamphlet Law 1 pages   Approved 11/1/2018


P.L.2018, c.163.   -see   S2531
Allows county governing body in certain counties to abolish offices of superintendent and deputy superintendent of elections and transfer functions to county board of elections. *
Pamphlet Law 3 pages   Approved 12/20/2018