P.L.2020, c.5.   -see   A3095
Provides county clerks with additional week to mail ballots for 2020 primary election; requires ballot position draw to occur one day early if statutory date falls on holiday.*
Pamphlet Law 1 pages   Approved 3/20/2020


P.L.2020, c.21.   -see   S2349
Changes date of 2020 primary election from June 2 to July 7.
Pamphlet Law 1 pages   Approved 4/14/2020


P.L.2020, c.55.   -see   A4037
Requires electronic signature and submission process for all candidate, recall, initiative, and referendum petitions for remaining 2020 elections and thereafter during COVID-19 emergency.
Pamphlet Law 1 pages   Approved 7/1/2020


P.L.2020, c.70.   -see   A4276
Establishes “The Ballot Cure Act” to modify and establish various voting procedures.
Pamphlet Law 11 pages   Approved 8/28/2020


P.L.2020, c.71.   -see   A4320
Extends ballot receipt and election certification deadlines; increases certain messenger and bearer ballot limits: requires certain information to increase public awareness and use of voting by mail.**
Pamphlet Law 13 pages   Approved 8/28/2020


P.L.2020, c.72.   -see   A4475
Requires county boards of election to establish ballot drop boxes in each county at least 45 days before election: revises procedures concerning mail-in ballots for 2020 general election.**
Pamphlet Law 7 pages   Approved 8/28/2020